Spartan Kids: Go Get Dirty

By: Spartan Kids Race Director Justin Ross (US)

What does a day in the life of kids look like today? Video games, movies, television, etc. All of which used to be reserved for rainy days, have now become a staple of entertainment in today’s youth. We are very quickly raising a bubble wrapped generation of individuals. The days of playing outside until the sun went down or a pick-up ball game where getting dirty and muddy were the norm are fading away. Suddenly, the most minor of scrapes and tiny scratches are debilitating today’s youth. Recess is being padded to the point of kids standing outside running in circles for fear of injury. Walking is becoming a part of gym curriculum for fear of letting kids take any sort of risk. Does gym class really still exist?

Has this become your child’s normal?! Hopefully not – but if it has then maybe it’s time to unplug the controllers, walk away from the television set, put down the iPad or whatever glowing device they clutch in their hands and get them up and get them moving!

Spartan Kids Race is turning back the clock by empowering kids to push their limits and bust through their comfort zones once again. It’s time to get muddy. It’s time to get bruises. It’s time to fall and pick yourself up off the ground. Failure is not an option! Quitting is unheard of, it’s no longer part of your children’s vocabulary. These young Spartan Kids show a determination and grit that rivals most adults today. Instead of whining about it being too hard they buckle down, they push themselves as hard if not harder than you and they learn to tough it out! That’s the mindset of a Spartan Kid. Don’t think for a second because it’s called Spartan “Kids” that it’s easy.

It’s time to make a decision. Do you continue to allow your children to let rainy days roll into sunny days without leaving the house? Or do you take the initiative to break through and help reshape the direction we as a species are headed? It’s up to you! Grab your kid, get outside, and let’s get moving, jumping, crawling, and let’s live a little!

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