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The key to success in a Spartan Race lives in the legs. So when an opportunity to improve your leg strength comes along, lunge at it! By accepting the challenge you’re committing to completing 30 lunges a day for 30 days. Think you can do it? Challenge a friend and Spartan Up together!


  1. Your front knee should never pass your toes. If your knee is going pass your toe take a longer lunge forward.
  2. Make sure your lead knee stays over top or outside of your foot and never inside. If your knee does go outside of your foot make sure the ball of your foot and your heel are still in contact with the ground, if the inside of your foot starts to come off of the the ground then the knee is too far outside.
  3. Always engage your core.
  4. Pick a point in front of you to stare at so you don’t keep looking down.
  5. If you feel pain take smaller steps are you lunge or if you feel any discomfort or pain while lunging, stop and do some stretches and different mobility before returning to the lunge.
  6. When lowering the back knee, sit your hips back first, this avoids the front knee from moving too far forward early on.

Challenge FAQ

Wait, sorry, what is Spartan Race and why are you holding this challenge?

Spartan Race is an obstacle course racing series that pushes you physically and mentally. With three distances – 3+ miles, 8+ miles and 12+ miles, Spartan Races challenge every level of athlete with barbed wire crawls, spear throws, rope climbs, and fire jumps. Reconnect with your inner kid while getting into the best shape of your life! Check for races near you by clicking here. Okay, shameless plug over.

hover above the ground. Keep your weight in your heels as you push back up to starting position. Repeat on both sides.

What counts as a lunge?

For the purposes of this challenge, a single lunge is define as completing the movement on one leg. So completing the movement a single time on both legs will be considered two.

Can I do more than 30 lunges?

Yes! As the challenge progresses you may find the 30 become too easy but be sure to not push yourself beyond what you are capable of. Follow along with our Spartan Citizen, Spartan Krista, to learn alternative lunge exercises you can add to your routine:

What if I can’t do one lunge?

Then this challenge is PERFECT for you. Spartan Race is about personal progression, and so is the #Spartan30. Start by doing as many as you can. The next day, try to improve. If by the end of the month, you’re able to do 5, that’s still 5 more than when you started.

Do I need time to myself?

No. However by keeping track of your progress, you can watch yourself improving. And sharing your progress has been proven to help you stick with your exercise, so join our challenge page and show us how low you
can go!

Can I challenge my friends?

Yes! Having a partner can help motivate you to stick with the challenge.

What do I win if I do this?

This is not a contest, although the reward is something that we could not give you anyway – a healthier, fitter you.

How else can I train?
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