“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” -Hellen Keller

We all know unity is strength, and when there is teamwork, success is multiplied – but what does your team mean to you?

Introducing Team ENDOXOS  from Singapore who started from way back 2016. Read below to learn more about their amazing camaraderie and passion to inspire and help others reach their goals – the Spartan way.

Tell us your team history. How did your Spartan team come together? 
“The tribe came together in 2016 with 12 of us who used to train at the same gym. Wanting some company, one of the members invited us to sign up for our first Spartan Race. During the online registration, we were asked if we wanted to sign up individually or as a team. We naturally decided to sign up as a team since we intended to do it together. Endoxos means ‘Esteemed, Honorable, of Good Reputation’ in Greek. Being a Spartan is akin to being a Warrior, and a true warrior in our opinion should uphold honor above everything else. Therefore, it was unanimously decided that our team name will be ‘ENDOXOS’ and a tagline/slogan “Challenge Limits’ was added thereafter, to exemplify our value of always rising up undeterred to any challenge that may come our way, regardless of the outcome.

In a span of 2 years, we have touched over 150 lives — not only through training and enjoying races together, but as a holistic community that guides each other in many aspects of life. A community that connects and integrates the team, supports systems like businesses and brands. We’re here to find true purpose, mold ourselves to be the best version of who we are, and touch other people’s lives.”

What is your biggest challenge as a team? 
“As a tribe, the biggest challenge would be to keep a clear focus. As the team grows, it is inevitable to have varying perspective, opinions and focal points. Therefore, it is never easy to keep the values intact within the tribe. However, we believe in cultivating and upholding certain values such as ‘Others before Self’ & ‘Honor before Glory’.”

What is your favorite thing about your teammates? (can be a particular person on your team, or your team as a whole) 
“The Never-Give-Up Attitude. Everyone is so encouraging and motivate each other to push their limits.”

What is the most important lesson you have learned from your teammates?
“No one is too old, too young, too weak, or too strong. Everything is possible with the right knowledge, technique and mindset.”

What is something you believe that everyone in your team probably has in common?
“We all like challenges! We overcome them together as a team.”

How is your team helping you in reaching your Spartan goals or any goals?
“There are frequent training and workshops organised by the team to clock in a workout together. The team does a great job inspiring and motivating everyone. They are generous in sharing knowledge, always on the ball for any challenges and facilitates progressive training, inside and outside of Spartan.”

Share a memory of your team that you treasure the most.
“All our T&C Sessions. (Trails and Conditioning)
It’s hard to pick. Every session leaves a memorable mark you cannot forget.”

Share the best advice you have given to a teammate, or the best piece of advice a teammate has given to you.
“Start somewhere, the rest will work itself out.”

How does being part of your team impact you personally in any/every aspect of your life?
“Endoxos is made up of different people from different works of life sharing both good and bad experiences. Despite the differences, everyone has the same determination and goal: to stay healthy and happy at the same time! They keep me motivated and inspired in everything.”

If you can describe your team in one word, what would it be?

What is your team’s spirit animal?
“Wolf. We operate in packs and look out for each other!”

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