#MySpartanTeam: Suns Out Fitness

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” – Phil Jackson

We all know unity is strength, and when there is teamwork, success is multiplied – but what does your team mean to you?

Today, we highlight one of the Biggest Teams in the Philippines, Suns Out Fitness. They have been training and doing Spartan races together since 2017. Read on to find out how their burning passion for the sport makes them grow stronger as a unit.

Tell us your team history. How did your Spartan team come together?
“Suns Out Fitness started as an initiative to empower people to live a more active lifestyle. We believe that the right community with a positive support system can motivate each other to live happier healthier lives. So when we started our workout group, we led free community workouts in the park. As we grew, we found Spartan Race to be the perfect event to gather our group towards a common cause. The Spartan Race helped unite our group and gave us something to work for. Everyday, our group looks to be stronger, not just physically, but in our camaraderie with each other. We are stronger together.”

What is your biggest challenge as a team?
“People come and people go. Some members leaving is the hardest part especially when you consider the team as your family. It is how it is – to add up to that, keeping members united towards one goal is a challenge as well, considering our numbers.”

What is your favourite thing about your teammates? (can be a particular person on your team, or your team as a whole)
“I love that everyone is so positive, driven, and focused. Each person has their own reason for joining Suns Out but once we get together to train and race, we are all in the same boat. The camraderie and the mutual trust in this team is so strong that we became not just friends – but family.”

What is the most important lesson you have learned from your teammates?
“Adaptability and acceptance – In Spartan, I have witnessed that age, gender, and race is just a construct. We, as a team, tear it apart. We accept and embrace each other’s uniqueness.”

What is something you believe that everyone in your team probably has in common?
“Passion. There’s no other way to say it.”

How is your team helping you in reaching your Spartan goals or any goals?
“Suns Out is more than just a workout group – we’re family. We support each other in all of our personal endeavors. The team is a beacon of light that shines a light through the darkest parts of your life. I now know that no matter how hard things get, there are people who will encourage me to do better.”

Share a memory of your team that you treasure the most.
“Definitely the first board game night we had after a regular Sunday workout. It was a new spin, other than the usual post-training dinner we always have. It was fun, and that was the first time I really felt like I was part of a group who accepts me fully and is willing to help me grow in all aspects – physically, mentally, and emotionally.”

Share the best advice you have given to a teammate, or the best piece of advice a team mate has given to you.
“Listen to what your body tells you. We’d like to see you push your strength, but we’d rather not have you injured. If you feel any discomfort or pain, take a break. Do it in your own pace.”

How does being part of your team impact you personally in any/every aspect of your life?
“Suns Out has given me the opportunity to share and apply the learning I have gained in the past years. I love how this team has been helping my soul grow, broaden my love and compassion, and has made me invested in making my cup full so I have my overflow to give. Apart from that, the coaches, mentors, and everyone else inspires me to become a better version of myself.”

If you can describe your team in one word, what would it be?

What is your team’s spirit animal?
“Lion. We roar with pride!”

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