At a Hurricane Heat, and even the HH12HR, there are some things you can bet your mortgage that you will see. Among them: Burpees, the Warrior Ethos being chanted, loudly, and the grimacing faces of participants as they hold a stress position. These are staples of the events and you’d look quizzically around at your fellow participants if these things didn’t happen.

Lately, one team exercise has gained more and more attention — The Tunnel of Love. But what is it? What is the point of it? And why does it keep getting used?


The Tunnel of Love is an exercise done as a group. Let’s assume there is a group of, say, 20 people. Everyone stands in a straight line, shoulder-to-shoulder, all facing the same direction. As one unit, everyone then bends over and touches the ground. Now, their hands and feet are the only body parts touching the ground, and this creates a gap of around three feet between the hands and feet. Basically, you are making an arch with your body. And since all of you are shoulder-to-shoulder (the tighter, the better), your team has now made a “tunnel.”

That’s Part One.

Here’s what comes next. A person at one end breaks away from their position and crawls through the “tunnel” to the other end. Once there, they rejoin the team and assume the standard position, so that the person at the opposite end can begins their journey through the Tunnel of Love. This continues for as long as the Krypteia deem necessary.


It builds teamwork and trust. In essence, the longer it takes you to pass through the tunnel, the longer you are forcing your teammate to hold a stress position that they don’t want to hold. In the same way, your stance and position is imperative; when you form your part of the tunnel, you need to make as much room as possible for the person passing through the tunnel to get past you. If you hold them up, you keep everyone in the stress position longer, and it takes longer for the person crawling through to get to the end.

It’s the classic one-hand-washes-the-other exercise. Oh yeah, and it sucks, it’s funny, and it breeds teamwork and demands communication.
In short, it’s a classic lesson in how a Hurricane Heat works.
For that reason alone, we adore the Tunnel of Love.