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Kuala Lumpur Super Malaysia
Greater Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur Super Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur Super Malaysia

There’s nothing mediocre about this middle distance race. The Spartan Super offers the ideal blend between distance and speed. Offering racers a true athletic test. If you consider yourself a more seasoned athlete determined to push beyond excuses, you just might have the mettle for a Spartan Super. Serving up 24-29 Spartan Obstacles and 8-10 miles of rugged terrain, the Spartan Super spares no one. Developed as the second race in the Spartan Trifecta, the Super is where you prove to yourself you’ve got everything it takes to face the Beast.
Spartan Race Inc.
Greater Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Spartan Race is the world's best obstacle course race, with over 240 races in 25 countries around the world this year. Spartan Race is not your everyday running race- expect to run, climb, push, pull, throw and crawl through walls, hills, trees, mud, barbed wire and other challenging but fun obstacles.

This March's race is a Spartan Super, typically consisting of a 13+km run and 20+ obstacles, open to racers aged 14 and above. The Spartan Super is the perfect next step for Spartan Sprint Finishers as well as a more challenging course for more seasoned racers.

For kids aged 4- 13, the Spartan Junior Race is a separate race especially for mini-Spartans. Spartan Junior racers can register for the Spartan Junior Race also held on March 20 to enjoy 6-8+ fun-filled obstacles and between 0.5km-2km of running, depending on their ages.

Each Sprint and Junior racer that completes the race will receive a coveted official Spartan Race Finisher T-shirt and race medal after crossing the finish line.

Prizes will also be awarded to the winners of the Spartan Super Elite and Elite Masters categories (see below for more details on categories and prizes) and the top 3 kids in the competitive 11-13 year old Junior Race Heats on March 20. The Biggest teams on both race days will also walk away with a 'Biggest Team' trophy, and enjoy their own branded tent on Race Day (more details below).

Stay updated with Spartan Race Malaysia for training tips, offers and news as we countdown to the race via our official Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

What Spartan Super Finishers Get?


How does the above pricing system work?

'Early Bird' priced sales will commence on Sunday 11 October 2015.  'Spartan VIP' priced sales are only applicable to racers from the 10, 11 October Reebok Spartan Sprint Kuala Lumpur 2015. These 2015 racers will receive their special discount code from Sunday 11 October to enjoy this special VIP price. Codes will be valid until midnight on Friday 16 October 2015. Codes are applicable to all Early Bird AM and PM Heats only, including Elite Heats (not applicable to Student and Junior prices). Once all the allocated 'Early Bird' priced registrations are sold out, ticket prices will AUTOMATICALLY shift to the next ticket price level, 'Late Bird'. Once all allocated 'Late Bird' tickets are sold out, ticket prices will then shift to 'Regular', and so on, until the event is completely sold out. 

Note: Prices above exclude 6% GST and processing fees

Racers who would like to race in the Elite Competitive Male/ Female Waves will be charged RM30 on top of the AM Heat price. Prices above exclude 6% GST and processing fees 

 **Student and Junior registration prices will remain constant for the entire sales period

 ***All student price registrations will need to be supported by a valid student ID presented on Race Day at Registration. 


Date: March 20, 2016

Race category: Spartan Super

Distance: 13+km and 20+ obstacles. 

Venue: To be announced (Kuala Lumpur)

Minimum age: For the Spartan Super, 14 years old or older. Racers under 18 years of age must get their parent or legal guardian to sign an electronic waiver during online Registration. Spartan Junior racers aged 4- 13 may compete on the Spartan Junior course.

Obstacles:  All Spartan courses are designed to challenge you physically. We can’t spell out what exactly you will face, what fun would that be. However, we can assure there will be fire, mud, water, barbed wire, and occasionally Hell on Earth. Spartan Race is designed to pull you from your comfort zone and challenge you. Check out some of our more common obstacles here.

Elite Heats: The Elite Male and Female Heats are the first heats of the day at 7am, and they are for our most competitive racers. Cash prizes and trophies are awarded to those finishing first, second, and third in the elite heats, for both male and female categories. Registration for an Elite Heat is an additional RM30/person. 

Open Heats: Open Heats will commence at 7.20am after the Elite Heats. Racers will flag off at 15-20 minute intervals every hour.

Masters Category: This is a unique title given to our Elite racers aged 40+. Trophies are awarded to the top three fastest females and males in this category. 

Biggest Spartan Team 2015: The team that registers the most number of participants will enjoy their own private, branded tent on Race Day plus a Spartan trophy commemorating their team effort.

Heat Times: The Elite Heats, consisting of competitive racers racing for prize money, will commence at 7am.  Open heats will then commence from 7.20am to 4pm, every 15-20 minutes. Preferred Open Heat times will be subject to availability on a first come, first served basis during Registration. All Open Heat racers will receive an  email   a week before Race  Day confirming their exact heat times. Once a heat is sold out, no more racers will be able to add to it.  

Spectators: Free entry on Race Day.

Ticket Transfers: Before Race Day, you can transfer your registration to someone else at an administrative fee of RM30++ per transfer. This can be done until midnight on Thursday 17 March 2016. After this date, any transfers will have to be done at the Registration Tent on either Race Day.



Date: March 20, 2016

Race Distance: Super, 13km+

Obstacle Count: 20+

Race Location: TBA





• Read through the athlete guide (to be sent to you closer to Race date) till you know it by heart.

• Check your assigned heat time and bib number on www.spartanrace.my a week before the race. 


• Pack your bags (bring only 1!), bring only required and recommended items.

• Make plans to arrive at the venue well ahead of your assigned heat time. 

• Eat well the night before and get some good night’s sleep. 



• Cash for food/drinks and merchandise

• A change of clothes and dry shoes/slippers for after the race

• Sunblock

• 1 bag to store your items




What not to wear


• Try not to wear anything cotton- it will absorb water, weigh you down and cause unnecessary skin chafing.

• Do not wear anything white unless you want it forever gray.

• Do not use regular running shoes as these will likely be unstable and will not provide enough traction in wet, uneven, muddy terrain.

• Do not race with your wallets, car keys, iPod, sunglasses, cell phone, wedding rings, or any other type of jewelry or “thing” that you don’t or can’t afford to lose. Use the Spartan Race bag check or leave them at home.

What To Wear




• We strongly recommend a pair of good trail running shoes to provide the traction needed for muddy uneven terrain.

• Choose Trail Running shoes that are light weight and provide adequate drainage when it gets wet.

We would recommend a good pair of trail shoes, like the following tried and tested Reebok All- Terrain Series 2.0 shoes, check a Royal Sporting House store near you for stock.





• Thin socks are the best option. Wear socks that are of synthetic material and no cotton as it retains too much water.

• Toe socks are also recommended as they can be a lot more comfortable when your feet are wet and muddy and some racers find that they reduce the potential for blisters.

• Tall compression socks are another alternative as they prevent little stones form getting between socks and skin, protect shins and may help prevent calf cramps.



• Spandex underwear or compression shorts, even for the ladies. NO COTTON! Note that if you plan to use your expensive compression shorts or lingerie they will get very dirty and after washing may still smell like mud.

Shorts or Pants


• We recommend wearing compression tights (long or short) with moisture wicking for both guys and girls. If you don’t have compression tights, then any fitted tights would also work. This will help reduce the likelihood of chaffing.

• Short/ pants should have minimal to no pockets so you don’t collect extra mud and debris along the course.

• Make sure that there is a good draw string or strong Velcro on whatever you wear to save you from some embarrassing displays of your butt.



• Use what you are comfortable in as long as it’s not cotton. A thin long or short sleeve compression shirt is best. If you don’t have this then any kind of shirt made with moisture wicking material.



• Can be useful but optional

Again, we don’t recommend to bring any items which you could drop or lose as you are completing the race, this includes sunglasses, hats, jewelry, mobile phones, etc.

And above all, don’t forget to bring your SPARTAN SPIRIT, AROO!



• Once at the Race Venue, proceed to the registration counters.

• At registration, check on your Bib Number on the Registration Wall (if you don’t already know your number).

• Fill out the Waiver form.

• Tell the Spartan Registration staff your Bib Number, show them your ID or registration form and pick up your Race Pack (includes wrist band, timing chip and headband). Hand in your signed waiver and check you have the right bib number. You don’t want to run your best time for someone else!

• If you registered as a Student, bring your Student/Faculty, bring your Student/Faculty ID/pass to verify your student purchase. If you cannot verify that you are a Student, you will be charged a full price upon registration.

• Drop your bag at the Bag Check area. You will receive a separate wrist band. Don’t lose it. Make sure everything you bring fits into one bag!

• Forget anything? Pick up gear at the Reebok shop onsite.

• Enjoy the Festival Area and make your way to the Warm-up Zone 30 minutes prior to your race to practice your burpees. Stay hydrated.

• We strongly suggest you use the toilet before you start racing. Trust us on this one!

• Get ready and come to the Start Line 10 minutes before your assigned heat time.

• Give us your best “AROO!”



• Run hard.

• Stay honest. Spartan Race has an honor code.

• Stay Hydrated.

• Work together.

• Mind your physical condition.

• Smile for the camera.



• Collect your medal and Finisher’s T. You earned it!

• Congratulate your fellow Spartans and snap your finisher’s photo together.

• Pick up your checked bag from bag check. Look forward to clean clothes.

• Get yourself cleaned up. 

• Check your results! Make plans to improve for the next race.

• Fill your stomach with food from our vendors in the Spartan Festival.

• Pick up your Spartan merchandise at the Reebok store onsite.

• Cheer on your fellow Spartans!



Each racer can check one bag at the Bag Check Tent. Please ensure that all items you are bringing to the Race will be contained in that one bag. To store your bag while you’re racing, proceed to the Bag Check tent. Hand your bag and ticket to the attendant and they will attach a numbered band to your bag and give you a wristband with matching number for retrieval. Your bag will be stored safely in the controlled access area until you return with your numbered wristband. You may retrieve and re-check your bag as many times as you’d like during the day.



Junior Spartans must be registered by a parent or guardian before entering the festival area. All children must be accompanied by their parent or guardian while in the Spartan Festival area. Following the race, all Junior Racers must be checked out of the finish corral by their parent or guardian- they cannot be left without parents/ guardians.

Please note that the idea of this race is for kids to have as much fun as possible so no penalties(including burpees) will be enforced if they cannot complete or choose not to do an obstacle. Additionally, please note that all kids will be briefed at the start line with rules of the race, before they commence the course. Rest assured that there will be several Spartan Race Volunteers on the Junior Course to assist kids with any obstacles they may need help with, and encourage them along.



Participating and Spectating – Parents must accompany and remain with their child in the 4 year old heat. Parents are allowed to accompany their children in any 5-7 year old heat. Parents not accompanying their children on course may observe the Junior Race from the Festival area. Please refer to the Festival map onsite on Race Day.

Junior Spartan Racers will only be running in their own designated race and according to age group.



• Medical

• Toilets

• Showers

• Bag check

• Food and Beverage

• Photographers

• Festival entertainment



Spartan has over 10 photographers across the course and we aim to capture some great photos of each participant as you tackle the obstacle course to commemorate your experience.

It takes about a week to process the photos after the event. We will then uploaded them onto the Race Event Page on www.spartanrace.my. Photos are tagged via an automated feature based on your timing chips time within each photo zone. 

We advise participants to check www.spartanrace.my after the Race to download your photos- photos will be organized according to your name and racer serial number.

See you on the course!


Team Spartan Malaysia

The Spartan Junior Race was created to help young athletes of all athletic abilities foster a life-long commitment to fitness and health. These events provide an opportunity for racers to develop and test their fitness in an exciting, outdoor environment where having fun and getting dirty is mandatory!

To get an idea of what a Spartan Junior Race is like, visit our main page and check out this video. Racers run, balance, walk, crawl and climb their way through a fun-filled obstacle course that helps them discover how Spartan Strong they really are.

Race Date: Sunday, 20 March 2016

Ages: Racers from 4 to 13 years old.

Spartan Junior Race Distances:  0.5 km (4 yrs old), 1km (5-7 years old), 1km (8-10 years old), 2 km (11-13 years old)

Prizes: To be awarded to the 3 fastest boys and girls from the competitive 11-13 year old heat. 


Participants will receive a follow-up email containing full details of the Pre-Race Packet Pickup location and timing.

Strength comes in numbers – so does fun! Share the Spartan experience with friends, family colleagues or classmates and create your teams. Team members are timed individually and are not required to cross the Finish Line together.

Spectator entry to view and support Spartans at this Race is complimentary. As a spectator, you will have access to the rocking Festival Area with "up close and personal" viewing of some of the biggest, baddest obstacles on the course, as well as the epic Finish Line. But that's not all - we've got music, hands-on obstacle challenges, local food/beverage vendors and sponsor giveaways available throughout the day.